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Tax Reform (IRC)

On January 16th the Tax Reform (IRC) was published. This reform grants Portuguese companies a wider competitiveness, it encourages internationalization processes and it promotes internal and external investment.

The major changes to the tax on corporate income code (Código do IRC) were analyzed and compiled by us on the following document (click here)

Government Budget Law for 2014

On the 31st of December the  Government Budget Law for 2014 was issued. Therefore we released a newsletter containing the major changes regarding the following tax legislations and codes: IRS, IVA, IMI/IMT, IS, EBF, Código Contributivo, Regime dos Bens em Circulação and other relevant information (click here).

Government Budget for 2014 and Tax Reform (IRC)

The Government Budget for 2014, after approval on the Assembleia da República, was sent to the President of the Republic for enactment.

The tax reform (IRC) is currently being discussed at the Assembleia da República.

We will release shortly a newsletter regarding this matters.

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